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And--just like that--it was 2024.

I feel pretty good about things, as this year gets underway.

I have been drawing more frequently this year so far than I have in quite some time.  I'm getting ready to start some new paintings, and my art and music practice feels more 'solid' than it has in a long time.  

I don't feel frantic, and I don't even feel rushed.  Also, I like [most of] what I'm creating lately.  (And, as all of you artists know, that isn't always the case!)

I'm going to update this website quite a bit over the coming weeks.  I'll share some studio photos, in-progress shots of drawings and paintings, and share some older drawings and paintings that haven't been seen in a while.

So, I hope you look around, and come back often.  

Thanks for stopping by,

Keith Russell
February 2024