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2021 has been a good year. I began hosting weekly Life Drawing sessions at Creative Coldsnow in Westport in June, and we have a dedicated "core" group of artists who attend regularly.  

If you'd like to attend, contact me at: keith@creativecoldsnow.com

I have no art shows scheduled so far in 2022. Instead, I'll be taking the year to set up my studio in the home my wife and I purchased this Fall. I'm also going to continue working on several new, larger paintings--and some new, original music, as well. 

I'm also going to share my process more, by creating videos of me working on various things, as well as some of the thinking that goes on, pretty much non-stop.

I hope 2021 has treated you well (at least I hope it was better than 2020!), and I hope 2022 is even better!​